Commercial Products

Water Business USA manufactures and offers a variety of products suited for commercial and industrial applications. These products include reverse osmosis water purification systems, water filtration systems, custom water treatment systems, water bottling equipment & machines, water pouch bagging machines (sachet), bottle sanitizing machines, bottle filling stations, and water window vending machines.

Water Filtration & Purification Systems

Diamond Skid R.O. System

The Diamond Skid is a commercial grade complete reverse osmosis water purification and water delivery system ranging from 1,500 – 9,000 gallons per day (GPD).WaterFiltrationSystems

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Diamond Skid XL R.O. System

The Diamond Skid XL is an industrial grade reverse osmosis water purification system producing 20,000 – 60,000 GPD with optional pretreatment and delivery systems.DSXL 203x131 copy

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Export Skid R.O. System

The Export Skid is a commercial grade reverse osmosis water purification system capable of producing 1,500 – 6,000 GPD in areas with high levels of biological contaminants.Export Skid 173x131 copy

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Mini Skid R.O. System

The MiniSkid is a space saving, complete reverse osmosis water purification and delivery system for applications ranging from 1,500 – 3,000 gallons per day. It’s compact design allows for use in tight spacial requirements.


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Pure R.O. System

The Pure RO is a reverse osmosis water filtration system that only purifies water and does not have a built in water delivery system – the perfect addition to existing operations or plants. It produces 1,500 – 6,000 GPD of purified water.Pure RO 102x131 copy

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Custom R.O. Systems

We also offer custom reverse osmosis water filtration systems that can be designed to meet any needs while maintaining reliability and energy efficiency. Custom systems are designed to fit applications of all production levels.Custom RO Systems

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Water Bottle & Bag Filling Equipment

Water Bagging / Sachet Machine

The Pouch & Sachet Filling Machine is an automated water pouch or sachet filling machine capable of automatically filling up to 2,200 bags per hour.

sachet machine photocell 158x131


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Easy Fill Manual Bottling System

The Easy Fill is a trouble free and cost effective manual bottle sanitizing and bottle filling machine designed for use with smaller bottles.

Easy Fill 174x131


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Rinse & Fill Manual Fill Station

The Rinse & Fill is a cost effective and trouble free manual bottle sanitizing and filling station capable of sanitizing and filling any size bottle up to 5 gallons.


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Water Store Equipment

Bottle Fill Station

The Fill Station is water bottle filling station used in retail water operations such as water stores. It is available in several models ranging from 3 faucets & 1 bottle rinsers up to 8 faucets. Available in any finish.


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Bottle Rinsing Station

The Bottle Rinse is an ozone injection dual bottle rinsing station for use in water stores that is capable of sanitizing up to 2 bottles at the same time. Available in many finishes & is made to match your Fill Station.


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Window Vending Unit

The Window Vend is a window mounted water vending unit capable of filling 1g, 2g, 3g, & 5 gallon bottles and can be configured to accept coins or paper currency. It is available for many different currencies.


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Food & Beverage

Water Business USA offers a variety of filtration systems, filter options, and water softeners for use in restaurant and other food & beverage applications for purposes ranging from clean drinking water to soft water for dishwashing. Click here for more on water systems for food, beverage, restaurants, breweries, & more.


Water Business USA offers a variety of filter options, water softeners, and filtration systems for hospitality applications that can provide drinking water, clean soft water for cleaner linens & more efficient equipment, or filtered water for the entire facility. Click here for more information on water systems for hotels & hospitality.

About Water Business USA Commercial Products

As experts in commercial water projects for the past 20 years, Water Business USA has developed many pieces of water purification equipment that have been tested and proven to be successful in a wide variety of applications including water stores, bottling plants, bagging plants, humanitarian projects, food & beverage production, and many other applications.

Water Business USA has specialized in reverse osmosis water filtration and purification systems for the entire lifetime of the company. We are experts in designing and manufacturing RO water solutions ranging from a simple reverse osmosis filter system to an industrial scale reverse osmosis water purification machine capable of purifying water with some of the worst water conditions.

We can also design water custom treatment systems, water filtration systems, and water purification systems for almost any application due to our expertise in water purification. Whether it be a water treatment system for industrial use, or an extremely pure water systems for blood dialysis, Water Business USA can design and manufacture any sort of water filtration equipment you desire.

All of our reverse osmosis filtration and purification systems feature simple trouble-free designs made of basic electrical components readily available worldwide. This means that there are no proprietary parts or microprocessors that are prone to failure and could take very long to replace. Our systems carry a 1-year warranty on parts with ongoing phone & email technical support ensuring that in the unlikely event there is an issue, Water Business USA will work with you to resolve the issue immediately and efficiently.

Water Business USA also offers a full line of equipment for packaging water in several methods, including small bottles, large bottles, and bags (pouch or sachet). We offer the full line of equipment needed for bottling or bagging plants, including bottle filling machines, bottle molding machines, water pouch sachet filling machines, bottle sanitizing stations, and manual bottle filling stations

We also offer a full line of equipment for water stores including reverse osmosis systems, bottle fill tables, bottle sanitizing station, and water window vending units. We have equipment in hundreds of water stores worldwide and have been a leading manufacturer of water store equipment for over 15 years. We are experts in designing, manufacturing, and installing equipment for water stores. All of our water store equipment is very trouble free and low maintenance, allowing store owners to receive very profitable returns.

Water Business USA offers a line of products for those in the food and beverage business, whether it be for restaurants or food and beverage production. Our reverse osmosis and drinking water filter systems will provide clean pure water making beverages and food taste better. Our water purification systems are also perfect for providing the pure water needed when making many premium or craft beers. Also we offer soft water systems allowing for more efficient appliances and less maintenance, because they will not experience scaling with soft water. Adding a water softener or filtration system will increase the efficiency of appliances while requiring less soap and extending the lifespan of the appliance.

Water Business USA also offers water purification systems and water softener systems for hospitality uses, such as hotel linen washing machines. Water filtration and softener systems will reduce the cost of washing linens by making soap more efficient. Also, it will increase the efficiency of washing machines and expand their lifespan. We also offer drinking water systems for hotels who wish to provide their guests with clean purified water.