Bagged Water, Water Bags, Water Pouches, Water Sachets

water sachet business bagged water water pouchesWater packaged in bags, also known as water sachets, can be a very profitable business model when done properly. The most important considerations are the cost to produce the water bags and the selling price. This is the lowest cost way to package water due to the amount of plastic used. The average cost to produce a water bag with a size of 250-375 ml is less than $0.01 (USD) with a wholesale price of ranging from $0.02 to $0.04. This is a very good markup with over 100% profit margin, and is most successful when selling in bulk to make a good profit. In many of the poorer countries worldwide, there is a very high demand for safe drinking water and bagged water is the best solution to provide safe drinking water at an affordable price. The key to having a successful water bagging plant is to be located in an area with a population of over 25,000-30,000 people that lack safe drinking water. The water bags do contain a smaller amount of water than most bottled water so people will need to buy more bags. Due to the low cost, it is a product that most people can easily afford and will buy. In areas with a larger population there are large water bagging or sachet plants that are making profits well over $100,000 USD. We have established and consulted with plants in several countries where the profits range from $10,000 to over $100,000 per month. Establishing a bagged water plant can easily be a very profitable business with low start up costs!

About water bagging or sachet plants

Most water sachet plants are in developing countries with a very large percentage of poor people with poor living conditions. Most of the time there is very poor or no infrastructure at all, resulting in big problems with electricity and water. The electrical problem can be handled with a generator and in order to get water in most cases you will need a deep well or even have water trucked to site.

Benefits of water bagging, pouches, or water sachets:

  1. Only affordable way to package water in poorer countries.
  2. Can be very profitable; especially in large volume.
  3. Can have printed bags.
  4. The rolls plastic can be shipped at a very low cost vs. bottles
  5. Much better use of plant space as the units are compact.
  6. More environmentally friendly do to less plastic than bottles
  7. Much lower cost to set up plant for bagging vs. bottles.
  8. Street sellers will sell to create jobs.

An example

A small plant running 5 bagger units could produce 80,000 bags per shift. The cost to produce each bag is under $0.01. With a markup of $0.01 you would be able to make 800.00 a shift and many plant will run 16 or 24 hours a day in times of high demand. At this rate the plant could make $2,400 per day in profits when selling at the lowest price possible. If selling at a $.06 profit per bag then the profits would be $4,800.00 per day.

How Can Water Business USA Help?

Water Business USA specializes in building water purification equipment such as water filtration systems to produce pure water for your sachet plant. We also offer water sachet machines that are currently used worldwide. Please call or email us to find out more on this profitable business and to see how Water Business USA can help you start your operation.

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