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WB USA also offers water filtration systems, water filters, water purifiers, and green water softening systems for use in hotels or hospitality. The use of these types of systems offers many benefits such as lower laundry costs, improved ice quality, pure drinking water, lower appliance maintenance costs, and many more. Because every application will need to be tailored to the requirements, these systems are built to order based on the specific requirements of your project. Please call our knowledgeable technicians for assistance with your project so that the system can be custom designed based on your specific needs. Below are the types of systems we offer for hotel and hospitality use.

Water Purification Systems and Water Filtration Systems
WB USA offers a variety of water filtration systems and water purification systems for all hotel and hospitality uses. These systems range from reverse osmosis water filtration systems to simple water filtration systems. Systems can be designed to have a water delivery system built into the system or be simple water filtration systems that only filter the water. We can make these water systems to meet any specific requirement you may need.

For operations requiring a higher output of purified or filtered water we can design a custom system or modify any of our commercial water purification and filtration systems to fit your needs, such as the Diamond Skid, Pure RO, and MiniSkid.

[frame src=”https://www.waterbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Diamond-Skid-DS-2.jpg” width=”100″ height=”100″ lightbox=”on” title=”diamond skid” align=”right” ]The Diamond Skid is a commercial reverse osmosis water purification system with built in water delivery system. This system can be manufactured to produce anything between 1,500 to 50,000 gallons per day. This is the best type of system to use when you are only using purified water for certain processes or uses, rather than using purified water throughout the entire building. Therefore if you are only looking for pure water for ice machines, laundry, drinking water, etc then this is the best type of system. It is extremely efficient for a reverse osmosis system as well as low maintenance and extremely reliable. Click the here to find out more about the Diamond Skid.


[frame src=”https://www.waterbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Mini-Skid-150×150.jpg” width=”100″ height=”100″ lightbox=”on” title=”mini skid” align=”right” ]The Mini Skid reverse osmosis water filtration system is best for applications that require up to 3,000 gallons per day of pure water, yet are limited by spatial constraints for the system. This system uses the same technology, features, and water filtration process as the Diamond Skid but is in a space saving compact design. It has a built in water delivery system to deliver the water to any application you have for the water. Click here to find out more about the Mini Skid.


[frame src=”https://www.waterbusiness.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Pure-RO.jpg” width=”100″ height=”100″ lightbox=”on” title=”pure ro” align=”right” ]The Pure RO is a reverse osmosis water purification system that only purifies water and does not include a water delivery system. This system is best for operations with an existing water delivery system, yet they want to produce pure water or add another water purification system without changing the water delivery system. This system can produce up to 6,000 gallons per day of pure water and is very low maintenance. Click here to find out more about the Pure RO.

Green Water Softener Systems & Whole Building Filtration

WB USA has taken an alternative approach to water softeners by using a much more advanced technology that is more cost effective to produce soft water. In fact, our Green Water Softening Systems actually produce a better quality water than water softeners making them much more versatile for use in a variety of hotel and hospitality applications including soft water for appliances, irrigation, ice machines, industrial washing machines, hot & cold beverage machines, cooling towers, pools, CIP systems, and dishwashers. Using clean soft water for appliances helps improve appliance life and the efficiency of these appliances. Also many of the media options for chemical or salt based water softeners are becoming prohibited or illegal in many areas due to their negative environmental impacts, however WB USA’s Green Water Softening System (GWSS) do not have any negative environmental impacts and are legal everywhere.

Our Green Water Softening Systems use a combination of an activated carbon media filter, 20 micron filter, and a GWSP3 media filter. The GWSP3 media filter uses a glass coated polymer scale removal media, which breaks down hard particles in the water into soft water molecules. This technologically advanced type of media filtration is the only media available to create soft water without the use of salt or chemical treatments. This water softener media is much more efficient and effective than water softeners and requires minimal maintenance, eliminating the costs associated with changing the media in traditional water softeners. This media in our green water softening systems allows for:
Scale Prevention
Bacterial Growth Prevention
Corrosion Control

The GWSP3 media is non-toxic allowing water filtered by the media to be used for human consumption, irrigation, and final stage cleaning processes unlike many salt or chemical based water softeners.

The Green Water Softener System also includes an activated carbon filter. This media filter removes chlorine, chloramines, volatile organics, heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants while polishing the water for great taste. Also the GWSS includes a 20 micron filter to remove particles up to 20 microns in the water supply. By using these two filters the water is much cleaner than water from other water softeners making it applicable for a variety of uses. It will still allow for beneficial minerals to be retained in the water allowing it to be used for healthy drinking water.

Our Green Water Softening Systems do not use any electricity making it a much more energy efficient alternative to traditional water softeners. Also the system does not backwash or create waste water which makes it more water efficient than traditional water softeners. The Green Water Softener System is the most efficient way to create soft water. Click Here to find out more about our Green Water Softener System.

Please email us at 4info@waterbusiness.com or call us at (760) 744-4800 to speak with a technician regarding your needs, project, compatibility, installation, pricing, or for more information about these products. Our friendly customer service team and technicians are available Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm to assist you with anything you need.