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If bottling, what size bottles?
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Description of water project and/or products you are interested in:

What country will the equipment be used in (Used for determining electrical specifications):

For water filtration systems, please answer the following questions:

1. Do you have a water test for the incoming water?
2. Where is the water coming from, well, city and if it is city water where is it coming from (lake, river, well)?
3. What city and country is this going to?
4. If the water is from a well or borehole is it going into a storage tank?
5. How much water do you think you will need per day and per hour?
6. Does the water go off often or for a long time?
7. How many hours a day will the system or plant be running?
8. What is the water going to be used for?
9. What electrical is available? Voltage, Hz. and phases?
10. After the purified water goes into the water storage tank do you need a delivery system or other equipment such as ultra-violet, post carbon or ozone?
11. Do you know what the lower temperature of the incoming water is (winter temperature)?
12. If the water going to the system is under pressure do you know the pressure?
13. Do you know how much water is available per minute?
14. What else can you tell us about the conditions that you feel would be helpful?
15. Do you need any other equipment?
16. What type of business is this for?
17. Which of our products are you interested in getting more information about?

For bottling, please answer the following questions:

1. What size bottles will you be filling?
2. How many bottles an hour will you be filling?
3. How will you case pack the bottles if doing so?
4. Do you want manual or automatic filling equipment?
5. Are you going to buy bottles or make your own?