Company History

Our History

Water Business USA is a company with over 30 years of experience. It originally started out as a joint venture between an existing R.O. system manufacturer and an equipment sales and installation company. At the time we combined the expertise of both companies and began manufacturing, selling, and installing equipment into many different applications such as car washes, bottling plants, circuit board manufacturers, and drinking water projects. Water Business has taken on a new vision and focused on drinking water related projects with high standards for quality, reliability, aesthetics, and service. After several years of installing equipment in many different countries internationally, Water Business did a complete re-design of how equipment was designed and manufactured to make it much friendlier for people worldwide to use as well as get parts for repair and maintenance. This focus on redesigning our equipment for usability, reliability, and easy maintenance is still a core element of the company today. We are always working to improve aspects of our already high quality products, which has led us to be an industry leader by manufacturing and installing some of the highest quality equipment for water projects.

From the conception of Water Business, we have focused on water stores as it was a fast growing industry and great business opportunity for those looking to get into water related businesses. Upon establishing Water Business we also started to build many different products for water related businesses such as the bottling lines, a wider variety of water filtration systems, and a complete line of water store products. We have continued to operate within this business model while expanding our product line to fit various water related businesses such as bottling plants, bagging plants, breweries, restaurants, etc. We have stayed true to our standards for quality, reliability, usability, and easy maintenance, which has continued to position us as a well respected leader in the water purification and filtration industry. We currently operate internationally and have helped establish water projects all over the world. We also have worked with several humanitarian groups and efforts to provide people with safe drinking water to help improve the quality of life and access to safe water for those all around the world.

Our Mission Statement

Water Business USA strives to provide superior quality water purification, filtration, and filling equipment for a variety of industrial, commercial, and retail applications. We focus on continuous improvement and strict quality standards to ensure high quality, reliable, effective, efficient equipment that is easy to use, install, and maintain. We strive to provide you with the best service in helping you establish and succeed with your water project while providing great customer service to foster and maintain excellent relationships with our customers.