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Alkaline Water Systems & Alkaline Water Filters

WB USA offers various solutions to produce alkaline water with both commercial and residential applications. Unlike many other companies, WB USA has taken a different approach by also offering solutions to make purified alkaline water and bottled alkaline water. This can be done with the Alka Plus, which varies from a basic alkaline water filter to alkaline water systems depending on application. All of our alkaline water systems, alkaline water ionizers, and alkaline water machines produce high quality alkaline water with a pH of 9 or higher. Our alkaline water filters and alkaline water filter systems use an alkaline filter raise ph by putting safe and healthy alkaline minerals back into the water after filtration. The non-filter solutions, such as an alkaline water ionizer and alkaline water machine, use ionization to produce alkaline water. More information about our specific alkaline water products can be found by clicking the links below.


Commercial & Retail Alkaline Water Systems


Alka Plus Commercial Alkaline Water Systems & Alkaline Water Filter Systems

The Alka Plus 1 is an alkaline water filter for low output commercial applications capable of supplying up to 4 gallons per minute of alkaline water. It uses a media filled cartridge filter to add alkaline minerals into the water to create alkaline water without ionization.

The Alka Plus 2 is an alkaline water filter system designed to create up to 10 gallons per minute of alkaline water. It includes carbon filtration & ultraviolet sterilization killing biological bacteria and removing chlorine & volatile organics while polishing the water for great taste.

The Alka Plus  is a commercial alkaline water system producing alkaline water at any production rate up to 50 gallons a minute. It utilizes an alkaline media filter rather than cartridge filter, optimizing it for higher production levels. It also includes carbon filtration & UV sterilization to remove bacteria, chlorine, and volatile organics while polishing the water for great taste. It is deigned for larger or commercial operations such as bottling plants, sachet plants, and water stores.


About WB USA Alkaline Water Filters & Systems

All of the alkaline water solutions offered by WB USA create quality alkaline water with a ph above 9.0 and optimal alkaline mineral content allowing you to harness the full health benefits of consuming alkaline water. These solutions have been tested and proven to consistently produce alkaline water above 9.0 ph but varies slightly depending on the incoming water conditions.

Alkaline water is not only beneficial to consume, but can be a very profitable addition to water retailers ranging from water stores to bottled alkaline water operations. Alkaline water often sells at prices 3 times higher or more than standard purified drinking waters. Alkaline water has been in high demand in health conscious areas for years, but the domestic and international demand for alkaline water has increased significantly making it highly demanded in many markets. Our alkaline water solutions are priced much more affordably than other manufacturers making them a cost effective solution to dramatically increase profits.

Alkaline water can be made in several different ways. Traditionally people have used ionization to produce alkaline water with alkaline water ionizers and alkaline water machines. Although these are effective in producing alkaline water, equipment such as an alkaline water ionizer or alkaline water machine leave harmful contaminants in the water. This is acceptable when the feed water supply is safe, yet be problematic with certain water conditions. Also ionizers cannot control which minerals are present in the water, so areas with harmful mineral content in the feed water supply may still have the harmful minerals present in the water after ionization.

WB USA has taken a modified approach to making alkaline water by adding alkaline minerals back into pure water to raise the ph and alkalinity of the water. With our alkaline water filter and alkaline water systems you can create alkaline water by adding alkaline minerals to pure water, eliminating the possibility of harmful contaminants and making the cleanest alkaline water possible. These type of alkaline water solutions are best suited for retail water operations such as water stores and bottled alkaline water plants, but we also offer an alkaline water purification system that harnesses these same technologies and concepts. With our products you can enjoy pure alkaline water in either commercial or residential applications.

Whether you are looking for an alkaline water filter, machine, ionizer, or system WB USA has multiple high quality options for producing alkaline water.