WB USA of Escondido CA is seeking Stocking Distributors and would like to enter into joint ventures in other countries.

What are we looking for?

WB USA is looking for companies or individuals that would like to start out in the water business. You would begin by setting up and owning one or two Water Stores. You would then start to sell equipment to others for Water Stores as a Stocking Distributor.
After the sales have grown to a good number of stores per month, you would then begin to manufacture equipment. You will need to start out with a small, but strong sales force after opening your first Water Stores and then grow the business. This would work out to be a win- win business for all involved.

What does WB USA have to offer?

WB USA has over ten years experience building and installing equipment world wide. We have a proven track record to make your business grow and become very profitable.
By achieving what we have done in Mexico, we have a proven business plan that works.
WB USA offers something that is important to any business. That is selling a product that you feel good about and also knowing that it’s a win-win for all involved.

What WB USA will do for you!
WB USA will work with you to help you develop the market in your area. We will also train your technical staff on how the equipment works along with trouble shooting and maintenance.
download brochures, ziped PDF 2.08MB
download Water Purification Equipment pricelist. doc 30KB

Download Guidelines to Opening a Water Store. doc 38KB
Water Store - A Business Opportunity with Unlimited Potential. doc 68KB

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