The Bottle Rinse
The Bottle Rinse is a no-hassle safe, efficient unit for cleaning containers. The Bottle Rinse kills all bacteria, virus spores, and algae while rinsing with highly concentrated ozone enriched water. Ozone oxidizes the organics in water that cause ninety percent of undesirable taste and odor problems. Ozone rinsing is faster than all other purification methods.
Rinses bottle with four times the concentration of Ozone Water than is needed to kill bacteria, virus, spores, and algae.
All of this is done without leaving unwanted soap residues, taste or odors in the bottle.
Allows for accurate monitoring of water sales, due to the elimination of washing bottles at the metered Fill Station.
Ozone kills bacteria, cysts, algae more than three thousand times faster than chlorine.
Ozone oxidizes the organics that cause ninety percent of taste and odor problems.
Ozone is faster than all other purification methods.
Size: 69H x 43W x 22D
Water usage: 2.9 G.P.M. at 40 psi each side.
Ozone concentration: 1.1 ppm into bottle with both sides in use.
Electrical control circuit: 24 V
Ozone Generator: Corona Discharge
Plumbing: Water inlet 1/2"; Drain 1"
All components and materials are either
NSF/FDA/UL/ETL approved.
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